What if someone would answer all your questions in one go, without paying for a Full Wedding Planning Fee ?

Weddings on the French Riviera and Lucky You Events Agency is launching a new service for couples planning their wedding, from overseas, no matter where in the world they live and accessible to every budget.

We now offer a ‘ Wedding Planning Support ‘ available via Skype, phone or face to face.   The aim is to help newly engaged couples who lives overseas to plan the most magical and memorable wedding day in the most personal way possible given that they are not in the country. Skype has become the medium of preference for couples and enables them to communicate with Wedding Planners on a very personal level.


‘ Wedding Planning Support ‘ is for anyone organising a wedding, whether they are recently engaged, in the midst of their planning or having last-minute panic. Sandrine, the expert Wedding Planner,  can start you on your planning journey, be a support for busy brides, advise family members, give formal and informal etiquette advice, offer a listening ear to ease the stress, and provide expert help.


You pay for what you need, from a brief phone call to a few hours in person. Sandrine offers expert, strategic and professional advice to help clarify your thoughts and advance your plans. Busy lives, family pressures, tricky scenarios, lots of decisions… wedding planning can be a big challenge and sometimes it is hard to find the right answers to your questions. ‘ Wedding Planning Support ‘ is the chance to speak to or meet Sandrine, and receive personalised advice, to a schedule that suits you, while avoiding the ties and expense of a full-time planner.

Due to time differences from country to country, we are very flexible and happy to arrange a Skype wedding consultation at a time that suits you.


BUDGET : Solving money matters and spending your budget wisely

DESIGN : scenography, design details, favours ideas

CEREMONY : Protocol, practicalities and planning, both civil and religious

RECEPTION : Managing venues, caterers, menus, , allergies, quantities and timings

SPEECHES : Who? What? When? Toasts, traditions and modern variations

PLANNING : timeline, table plan, to-do lists

THE DAY OF : Tasks, duties, checklists and guest management

FAQ : What do we book first?  How do we word our wedding invitations?  Must we invite children?  Can we ask for honeymoon money ? What is the procession order ? Do we really need a receiving line?  What about the seating plan?  Do we have to have a wedding cake?  What about the speeches ?  How do i seat my parents & step-parents?  Do we need a first dance?  What must we remember on the day?

Sandrine also offers couples access to an online wedding planning service, a complimentary service that we provide to all our brides and grooms when you book your wedding with Lucky You Events. Some of the  tools include: a wedding website with your own personal ‘.com’ URL, Guest list & RSVP manager, a Budget planner tool, Seating Planner: drag ‘n’ drop guest names onto seats.


Click on the link  BOOK NOW  and share your availabilities to schedule your Personal Wedding Consultation !




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