New wedding trends for the ceremony

Every new year, brides and grooms (and also wedding vendors) become more and more creative. Today, I would like to present you two new wedding trends for the ceremony. The first one is the most impressive. Instead of the traditional petals that guest throw to the new couple, you can now release butterflies !

Indeed, you can order in advance a box of real butterflies. The bow will arrive the day before the wedding. You select the number of butterflies you wish to have : the more, the better, according to the vendors ! And during the ceremony or at the end, the bridal couple open the box. The butterflies will fly around you and the guests. This is very romantic ! Anyway, I don’t know how the buttterflies survive in the box. I found one website in French, but the vendor is in Spain… The second idea among the new wedding trends for the ceremony is easier and safer than butterflies !

Instead of throwing petals or lavender to the bridal couple, you can add a very stylish accessory : sequins ! Especially if your wedding decoration is white and gold, sequins can be perfect for the ceremony.

What do you think about these 2 new wedding trends for the ceremony ?

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