Questions to your wedding planner !

Usually, you have plenty of questions to ask to your wedding planner. I read a intersting list of questions a website suggests to ask to your wedding planner before hiring him or her. I found these « must-ask questions » are right. So I decided to answer to them. Here are the first 30 answers to questions to your wedding planner :

1. How many weddings has she planned?

I personally planned between 30 and 40 private events, from the very beginning of my carreer as an event planner (5 years ago) and I worked on more or less 70 corporate events. My first employeer was dedicated to the set up of decoration. I mainly work on the Film Festival in Cannes. I started my own business 2 years ago.

2. Can she work within my budget?

We usually accept any kind of budget. The smallest is 15000€ for 80 guests this year. The wedding will take place on a beach !

3. What is her fee? Is it a flat fee, a percentage of the wedding, an hourly rate, etc.?

One of the most important questions to your wedding planner. Our fees are flat and aren’t linked with the total budget. We don’t calculate the fee as a percentage of the wedding. We estimated the time we need to plan all your wedding with you and we define a price. This price is not going to move after !!

4. What is included in her fee — all phone calls, meetings, e-mails, etc.?

Everything is included : once they have accepted the fee, the bride and the groom don’t have to pay anything else regarding our work with and for them

5. Does she get a kickback from vendors?

Not at all ! We don’t have any commercial agreement with any vendors. We are totally transparent and independant. Given the budget and the expectations of the couple, we’ll ask suppliers some proposals. Then we’ll show these proposals to the clients and they will decide which company they want. They pay them directly.

6. Does she understand my vision?

I usually say to my clients that I’ll take everything in charge during the wedding in order to let them enjoy the party but the wedding will be done exactly according to their tastes, not mine ! This is not my wedding. our job is to create a customised wedding. We can suggest decoration or organisation, but the bride and the groom are the boss !!


7. Will she make a checklist of all the items I need to accomplish?

Yes, usually, we create a list of all the items you need for the wedding and step by step we complete the list. This is very important to see what have been done and what we have still to do.

8. Will she create a timeline for the wedding day?

For sure, we give deadline to clients to answer to the main suppliers. But wedding is also a question of pleasure. So if you are more available at some period of time we’ll manage to work with you.

9. Does she have an assistant who will work with her at my wedding?

Usually I am in charge of all the weddings and I have 2 assistants.

10. Can she recommend vendors who fit my budget and style?

For sure, as I said in question #5, this is very important for us to suggest the most appropriate suppliers to our client.

As there are 30 questions to your wedding planner, I’ll answer to the other questions very soon. But if you have other questions to your wedding planner, do not hesitate to ask them !

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