Some tips for a wedding in Saint Tropez

I receive a lot of demands from brides and grooms who dream of a wedding in Saint Tropez. I am used to organise 3 or 4 weddings there every year. I have to tell you that Saint Tropez is a beautiful destination wedding but be aware that July and August are not the best months to get married in Saint Tropez, especially if you want to organise your wedding on a beach.

Indeed, June and September are the perfect months to plan a wedding in Saint Tropez. The weather is really nice and tourists are less numerous. So the traffic can be ok. On the contrary, on July or August, traffic can quickly become a nightmare for you and your guests. Besides, the prices for the hotels are less expensive on June or September. That can be better for some of your guests.

Generally, the wedding venues and above the beaches in Saint Tropez are more flexible on June and September. You’ll be able to manage to organise a beach ceremony at 5 or 6 pm. On July and August, this is quite impossible. Or you’ll have to pay an extra cost. Be aware that very few beach venue will allow music after 1am which is very early for a wedding !

Take into account that beaches are not the only venues where you can organise your wedding in Saint Tropez.

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