What about a lip dub with your guests at your wedding?

Some of my clients are wondering what kind of entertainment they can do with your guests, the day after the wedding. My best answer is « doing a lip dub ». For those who do not know what a lip dub is, here is the wikipedia definition: A lip dub is a type of video that combines lip synching and audio dubbing to make a music video. It is made by filming individuals or a group of people lip synching while listening to a song or any recorded audio then dubbing over it in post editing with the original audio of the song.

Thus, I would like to share with you a lip dub made in Saint Tropez with my clients and a very good team of professionals


I have 5 main advices for bridal couples who want to make a lip dub with your guests:

1. DO THE LIP DUB on the day after of before the wedding

Indeed on the wedding day, guests have already many things to do, from the photobooth to the champagne buffet. It is not necessary to add too many entertainment on one single day. Doing the wedding lip dub on the day before, if it’s a welcome party or even a welcome drink is a good opportunity for guests to meet each other. It is fun and easy to do, so people will do it naturally and it will guarantee you a very good party on the wedding day. On the day after, it’s also a great idea.

2. DO THE LIP DUB with professional videographers

I really insist on this point because you will always find someone among your friends who will be happy to film for you. But professional videographers have first the right equipment (steadycam for instance) to make the video clip perfect and secondly they are used to do lip dub. To make it, it has to be done within less than hour. Otherwise, guests will get boring.


3. Ask all your guests to be part of the LIP DUB

At the beginning, most of your friends will be happy to do the lpb dub for your wedding. They will be volunteers! But often, the ederly persons or even your parents are a bit reluctant. Given the fact that this lip dub is going to be one of main memories after the wedding, you have to make them participate. Generally, they started watching at others and then they decided to participate. So choose the place where the lip dub takes place with attention. It is necessary that everybody can see it and can participate.

4. Select the LIP DUB song before 

If you work with a team of professionals, they will advice you before the wedding day. In any case, it is better to select the song before the wedding day. Try to find a dynamic song that everybody knows. You’ll save time on the wedding day, for sure.

5. Have fun during your LIP DUB

The bridal couple will set the tone during the filming. The craziest you are, the craziest your guests will be.


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