Why do couples choose a destination wedding?

Valentine’s day is coming and we know that some couples will be engaged soon. I know that I will receive demands about wedding destination in the following weeks. Indeed, some couples dream of a destination wedding. As far as I am concerned, I have organised weddings in France for couples who live in England, Ireland, Germany, Belgium…but also New York, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Hong Kong, and even Sydney. To be honest, everytime, I am suprised to see that they have selected France as a destination wedding. Usually there are several reasons that explain why bridal couples choose destination weddding.

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1. A destination wedding is always unique

Most of the bridal couples who dream of a destination wedding wish to have a memorable wedding day. Usually, a lot of their friends are going to get married at the same time, or the years after, or they did it the years befors. Thus, there are many weddings every year and it is difficult to make a wedding unforgettable, especially if all the weddings are in the same city. It’s funny to say but there is a kind of « routine ». Choosing a wedding destination, far away or not too far, is a great way to make your wedding day unique. Guests will be happy to discover new venues and even new countries


2. A wedding destination can be central for all the guests

Many of our clients are globetrotters. As a matter of fact, thanks to their parents’ jobs, their studies and their own work, they have already travelled a lot and lived in different countries. Their friends are coming from all over the world. Sometines, the bride and the groom don’t have the same nationality and they even met in a third country. Thus, when they speak about their wedding, they’re looking for a central place to get together with their family and best friends

3. A destination wedding can be good value for money

Some cities are hugely expensive for weddings. Venues and vendors are highly demanded. I know that for instance, French people are more and more interested in weddings in Marrakech as the value for money is very good. Beautiful venues are less expensive than basic wedding venues in France. Thus, they compare the two destinations. Doing a destination wedding is also a good way to reduce the number of guests at your wedding. 5 years ago, an American bride explained to me that she decided to get married in Italy, in order to do a dreamt wedding. We planed the wedding for only 20 guests but it was magical. She kept the same budget that she decided for a US wedding with 150 guests but with this budget, she made more in Italy. She selected a wonderful venue, delicious food, magnificient decoration ….

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4. A destination wedding is sometimes linked with a personal story

Of course, bridal couples sometimes decide to do a destination wedding because they’re linked with the country. Last year, we organised a wedding in France for a couple who lived in South Africa. But the groom was French! We also did a wedding in France for a Russian couple who lived in London. The groom lived 2 years in France to study French. Thus he was happy to come back to France to celebrate his wedding.

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5. A wedding destination can guarantee a good weather !

Last but not least, I know that many Irish and English couples consider Italy as a destinationwedding, because they believe that the weather will be much better in Italy (and I agree with them). Weather is very important according to the bridal couples. They want to be sure that their wedding day will be shinny. Unfortunately, as wedding planners, we cannot guarantee at 100% the weather, but obviously if you select Italy on Summer, you have less risk of rain than London in Summer!

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