Hairdresser and make up artist

It can be very difficult to find an hairdresser or a make up artist in France for a wedding, especially if you’re looking for someone who speaks English. Be aware that many French brides go directly to the beauty salon to get ready. It’s less expensive than asking a hairdresser or a make up artist to come to the wedding venue, but it is less intimate too !

That’s why I recommend you to ask quite in advance to your wedding planner, or to contact us to help you find the right hairdresser and make up artist. It’s better if you can book them a few months before your wedding in France.

It will give you time to make a trial and above all to have the possibility to choose among a selection. Otherwise, it can be difficult to find a good hairdresser and make up artist for your wedding in France !

Prepare a Pinterest board with your preferred hair style and make-up, show your dress to the artist on picture so she will be able to understand your style and will advise for a loose hairstyle, bun or breads.

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