How to choose your wedding photographer?

Today we gonna see a really important choice in your wedding organization : your PHOTOGRAPHER !

You don’t want that your lovely daddy or uncle takes this important task, you want to enjoy of them during all day, it is why you have to take a photographer. Wedding pictures are the only real memory (with the video) that you can keep with you during the rest of your life to remember of this beautiful day, it is why your book has to be PERFECT and at your image.

But now, how to choose? We will give you some advices to help you in this difficult research.

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– A good photographer is a photographer who is attuned to the bride and groom. It is your BIG day and you want the best pictures ever for your wedding memories. It is why your photographer has to understand what you want, your way to think, your vision of your wedding to reflect the best he can, your happiness and love on your photos.

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-You have to define the spirit of your wedding pictures : traditional, original, photoshoot as a report etc. Once decided, you can choose easier your photographer.


-Go on their websites, have look at their portfolio to feel the spirit of photoshoot, to see if the style corresponds to your couple. Don’t hesitate to look several report photoshoot entirely.


-Don’t be attract by a cheap price, it is a BIG mistake. Trust only their talent based on their portfolio and on the feeling between him and you.

-Meet the photographer or skype him. It is important to discuss with him about what is really important for you, what you want to see on your pictures. With this meeting you will see if the feeling is here between you. Best photos are made with the trust between the couple and the photographer.

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-Sign a contract which will cover you in case of cancellation. We are never too sure !

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-Don’t hesitate to take a wedding report formula to have every moment (emotions, smiles, laughter, cry etc) of this day casted for ever.


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