How to prepare your wedding with your DJ?

Most of my clients are always worried about DJ. They believe that if the DJ is not good, the whole wedding won’t be nice. That is partly true. As a matter of fact, the opinion of your guests depends on many factors and the first one is how much they love you ! Indeed, you can always find guests that are unhappy with everything. My best advice is to make a wedding that reflects who you are and your music choices are part of it!


Thus, if you live far from the country where you are going to celebrate your wedding, you have two options. The first one is to select a DJ in your own country, someone you know, who you have tested before. Usually, it is possible if you live in London and if your wedding is in France, but if you live in USA, the budget for the DJ  will be huge. So the best, as far as I am concerned, is to find a local DJ for your wedding.

Prefer a wedding DJ rather than a DJ from a nightclub

You can obviously ask your wedding planner, the wedding venue manager or look for wedding DJs on the internet. Then, the best is to speak with him or her about your personnal tastes. The wedding DJs are usually flexible as they believe that the most important is that guests dance. If you go for a DJ from a nightclub, it might be more difficult as he or she wants to play his / her own music! Don’t be afraid to ask for old songs and music that everybody listens to. If the DJ says that your music tastes are not trendy enough, forget about him or her ! You’re the ones you decide the kind of music you want to hear at your wedding!

If you are a nostalgic of the vinyls, there are DJ that can play music from VINYL ! It is also a nice theme and ambiance for a cocktail as your guests can flic through the collection and choose some tracks !


Select the main 5 songs of your wedding

Secondly, I advise you to send to your wedding DJ a list of songs or singers / bands you like. You do not need to be exhaustive. The DJ will quickly understand what you mean. But there are 5songs that you have clearly to define with the DJ before:

  1. The song to start the ceremony: if the DJ is in charge of the sound system and the music during the ceremony, this first song is crucial. You have to think about it before and to send to the DJ the mp3 long before the wedding ceremony. Usually this song is romantic
  2. The song to end the ceremony: this song can be less romantic. I heard very funny songs at the end of wedding ceremonies and it worked well
  3. The song when the bride and the groom enter the room for dinner: usually, all the guests are seated for dinner before the bridal couple. Then the DJ, or the master of ceremony or even the wedding planner will ask the guests to welcome Mr & Mrs. I advise you to select a dynamic song that everybody knows.
  4. The song for the wedding cake: in France, for instance, the wedding cake arrives with light and loud music. That is to prepare guests to dance. Last Summer, Get Lucky from Daft Punk was clearly the song of the wedding cakes 🙂
  5. The song for the first dance: maybe the most personal choice you have to do. Some bridal couples start with a very romantic song and keep on with a funny song to suggest to their guests to start dancing with them


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