Meeting with Bianca, a Wedding dress designer

I had the chance to collaborate with Bianca on many projects for brides and I am proud today to highlight her creative work.

Passionate about her work, she started her career by making her sister’s wedding dress then her cousine’s dress which were both a huge success.
Following the great feedback she received on her designs she started very quickly becoming a wedding dress designer.

From creating drawings to tailoring she does everything from scratch to create your dream wedding dress.

Bianca knows how to be flexible and listen very carefully to your needs but also stay true to your body shape and personality.


« Stay true to yourself…»
Her first advise would be « be yourself ». According to her too many women try to identify themselves to picture and models when they should really be focusing on enhancing their nature. Rest assured Bianca will bring the best out of you.

« Give yourself some time … »
Indeed making a stress from scratch takes time. In order to avoid many mistakes Bianca recommends to each bride should try as much as they can the dress throughout the year. From experience she knows that brides can change their ming, the body can also change and that is why Bianca is there to assist through each steps.


The benefit:
She turns your dream day dress into an everyday dream dress.
One of a great benefit working with her is that after the wedding you can ask her to change your wedding dress into a dress that you can wear daily.
Indeed when you spend that much money and time finding your dream dress that you wore only once, well with Bianca you can change it into a cocktail dress that you can use on many occasions.

Do not hesitate to contact me for a full contact details, she would be delighted to answer all your questions.


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