Tips On Choosing the DJ for your Wedding

Getting a DJ to take care of the music for your wedding can be a great way to take care of the sound, music and phases of your wedding. It also could turn into the experience from hell. Understand what this means and how it will impact you.

• Types of DJs. When you are looking for a DJ, it will depend on the style of your wedding, or the type of DJ you are looking for. In regard to weddings, there are two types of DJs to consider. The popular DJ, is someone who regularly performs in clubs and the like. You should only choose this kind of DJ if you consider them a special act as a part of your extravagant wedding, and you are prepared for them to be an ‘artist’ or ‘performance’ you are paying for. The other type is the DJ, is one who will normally do weddings and other events similar, and probably does not perform in clubs. These are less artists, and yet may have all the music and experience to match a more traditional wedding. Make sure you understand the difference, and be clear on your expectations. There is no grey area in between these two.

• Business Attitude. Both types of DJs will have a business attitude. If the ‘artist’ type DJ is as popular as they believe they are, this type will normally have an agency to book them through. Agencies do the business behind the artist. If they are giving you the artist treatment themselves, you know that it is all bluff. Any real artist, will have an agent. The second type may be dealing with you directly, or have a business type receptionist. Whatever the case, if they are for real, they will have day-time operations to take care of your needs. If they don’t, you know they are a two-bit operation.

• Can they Handle Your Event? The answer to this is simple. If they are coming as a performance artist, you can only expect them to do ‘a set’. This means this DJ will arrive, perform and leave. If they are someone who handles this kind of event, then they should have considerable experience, and be able to cover the whole range of needs for your wedding and reception. This may also include lighting. Someone who knows how to handle a wedding well, should give you ideas to improve the flow and execution of activities – something well worth listening to.

• Contract and Preparations. Again, if you are dealing with the professional artist, their agency will take care of what you need to do, or what they will do for you. Many event agencies will handle the equipment, and it is better if they manage your ‘artist DJ’. The other type of ‘event DJ’ should be very versed at what they will provide, and this will usually include all the equipment you need. The ‘event DJ’ is more like a small event agency in themselves. Obviously contracts are necessary. The working process section of the contract will normally outline the working time schedule.

Having someone manage your lighting and sound well, to make your wedding similar to a professional event is not a bad idea. If you have the money to get an event company, and hire a famous artist whom you really love, why not?

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