2008 wedding trends : colors

It seems that there are 3 main trends in wedding decoration regarding colors. The big first one deals with silver or grey shades. Basically, grey replaces chocolate as the accent color for a wedding party. Why dont’ you choose a pale-grey wedding dress ? Grey is beyond a doubt an elegant color. Use grey linen for tables, add some silver painted branches and lay down some rhinestones. Tables will look stylish and trendsetter.

The second trend in wedding decoration is a summery color :Yellow is in vogue too ! For a day time wedding, I suggest bright colors and a mix with white and yellow. The tables can be dressed with white linen and sunflowers centerpieces. Wooden chairs or white chairs with yellow tulle are in good taste. If the wedding takes place by night, I recommend lemon and chocolate.

Last but not least, white is still the in thing for wedding decoration but in a very modern way. It’s all over with lovey dovey white hearts, saturated white centerpieces. White romantism is out of dated. White was used to be the color for chic and conservative weddings. Now, white is the color for casual and upscale weddings. Sometimes the guests are the same !

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