2008 wedding trends : sample stations

Let’s be honest : sometimes it happens that guests are getting bored at a wedding party. Weddings are often the same with no suprise! Customised wedding decoration makes your wedding different obviously. Anyway, it’s not enough! One new trend in weddings is to set up many sample stations rather than one never ending dinner.

Every station has to be thematic. I suggest to link the keynote to the bride and the groom. For instance, if you get married on the French Riviera, a wine and a cheese station is a must have. Why don’t you hire a sommelier to provide some explanations to your guests ?


As humans, we’re getting bored quickly. So create an event in the event istself. You should set up some fleetingly stations. Based on the happy hour concept, you should do a « mojito time » during 30 min, following by a « champagne time ».

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