2013 wedding trends #3 : birch bark and flower crown

Rustic weddings is a constant trends but in 2013 it will become more and more romantic and elegant. Of course, some brides will keep straw balls as chairs for their ceremony but now they will add wood and flowers …that’s why birch bark and flower crown are one of the 2013 wedding trends ! These two elements can be used all the year, for a winter or a summer wedding …it’s only a question of flowers !!

As you can see on the pictures, birch bark are mainly used for the centerpieces. You can also customise wooden cones for the decoration. With birch bark, you create a very natural wedding decor and this is clairly one of the main weddings trends in 2013 : back to basic, to nature …but with elegance. It has to be elegant but not too stylish ! More and more brides choose flower crown for their hairstyle : it’s elegant but not too sophisticated !

As a matter of fact, birch bark and flower crown are perfect for a wedding decor if the key words for the bridal couple are : keep it simple and stunning ! With this kind of decoration, your guests will feel both at ease and impressed ! Have a look at our pinterest page about 2013 wedding trends, you will be inspired !

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