A beautiful baroque wedding decoration

Last saturday, Events and Home created a beautiful baroque decoration for a wedding. The venue was a romantic abbaye based in a parc, near Paris.

For this wedding decoration, the colours were red, black and white. In front of the abbaye, we arranged black and white tables, sofas and chairs to make a cosy and chic lounge area for the aperitive. The red touch was brought by some Orchidées in red flower pots. The seating plan was dispatched on 5 baroque frames, which we placed in the center of the lounge area, in a circle.

In the reception room, we stayed in the theme by choosing red glasses and plates for the table’s decoration. The table’s names were printed in a baroque framed that looked just like the frames in the lounge area.

As the centerpieces, we used beautiful chandeliers that we placed on round mirrors. When we lighted the candles, the light reflected on the mirrors and created a very romantic atmosphere! The final touch of this wedding table decoration was the red velvet ribbons we used to wrap the napkins.

The guests and the newlyweds really enjoyed this baroque wedding decoration, and so did we!

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