A black and white wedding.

In everybody’s mind, white color is perfect for a wedding …but black is forbidden. Anyway most of my clients are looking for a modern and elegant decoration. They want a different wedding from others, maybe a little bit less romantic but much more contemporary.


Black and white colors are perfect to create this elegant environment. It is a new trend in wedding. Directly inspired from the 40’s and their famous events in Hollywood, black and white decoration is coming back in a big way. In order to realise a beautiful wedding dinner, you have to combine shades, textures and prints : white tablecloths with black and white chairs and black napkins. Make the same with the cake and the bride’s dress and the visual impact will be stronger.


Black and white weddings parties are higlhy sophisticated. If you add a big band, your guests will feel this timeless elegance of a jazz club. The objective is to play with the presence and the lack of light : you can load tables with some candles. It works well with silver or gold or red roses if you wish to add another color. Do not use more than 3 colors to make your wedding decoration.

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  1. im having a black and white wedding, and i cant find a dress for the life of me. but that dress is amazing i want it were did u find it???????

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