A blue and orange wedding

If don’t want to go classic for your wedding decoration, dare the blue and orange wedding!


Indeed, those two colors are complementary, and as weird as this combination may seem, they look great together! In a blue decoration, the orange color will just pop the blue more. But beware of the overload, you must be very subtle. In a blue decoration, the orange color must be minority. Don’t overdo, but try to get orange everywhere. You can, for example, carry hints of orange into your cake, flowers and centerpieces as well as programs. Or add a few orange flowers to the bouquets wear them on your hair or add orange ribbons on the flowers. There are a whole bunch of orange flowers to choose from (ranunculus, roses, tulips, dahlias, rust-colored callas…).

Here are some pictures to inspire you for your blue and orange wedding.








Doesn’t this blue and orange wedding look amazingly bright and fresh?

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