A blue wedding decoration

Blue is said to be the favorite color of many persons. So whay don’t you think about a blue wedding decoration. As far as I am concerned, I think blue can be a charming color. But be careful with the kind of blue you select. Try to be modern in your way to use the blue color. Here are some examples I like for a blue wedding decoration

Indeed a dark blue with a light green and some white give a wonderful atmosphere : original and stylishness.

But if you feel more conservative, you can only use blue and white. My advice is to use different kind of blue also. Don’t stick only on a pastel blue. What do you think about this blue wedding decoration ? Do not hesitate to put some stripes with flowers. The piling up is totally perfect for this decoration.

Otherwise, if you feel like a trend setter  or if you want to give a different spirit to your wedding decoration, you can imagine a totally different way to use blue.  Indeed, you decoration can be creative and you can tell a story to your guests thanks to your ideas.

You will find below some blue wedding decoration which are a little bit crazy but very original and well done. 


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