A brown and gold wedding decoration

This idea of brown and gold wedding decoration came to my mind this morning and I found some good pictures dealing with it ! Here are some examples in order to give some inspirations to our readers and clients.  

What I prefer with a brown and wedding decoration is that you can decline the idea to many elements : for the guests’presents, the wedding cake, the dress, the invitations and so on. The brown is a very elegant color and gold gives a very magical and blinding atmosphere to your wedding.  

The most important point is to strike a balance between the 2 colors. If your wedding decoration is too gold, the result will be unladyliked and unrefined ! On the contrary, going too far in the brown color can be risky. The wedding decoration would become too dark and saddening. So, I suggest you to try different range of colors with some samples of fabrics before choosing forevermore the colors.  

That’s the reason why, I add a lot of pictures in this post in order to show you the variety combinations with the 2 colors. I also recomment to add some white color which is ideal with brown and gold. But, do not makeover your wedding decoration by doing everything in white ! White color must be a foil for the 2 other colors.  That’s true it’s better to write with gold letters on a white sheet of paper. It’s easier to read and much more elegant !

Gold chairs are very easy to rent in France, so you can use them for this wedding decoration. Napkins can be in a cholocate color for instance.  


иглоукалывание харьков

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  1. gostei muito desse tipo de cor, mande pra mim modelos de arumação de igreja evangenlica e de salao de festa e de bolo tabem.

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