A Cinema theme for your wedding!

For some people, cinema is more than just a way to pass the time. If you’re the kind of person who sees their life as a movie and their love story as a romantic movie, the Hollywood cinema theme is the perfect way to decorate your wedding.

This theme offers a lot of possibilities in term of decorations. Some will appreciate the atmosphere of the old black and white films, whereas others will prefer more recent movies.

Whether old or new, Hollywood cinema calls for silver and gold, black and scarlet … think modern decor with subtle vintage touches full of scintillating charm.

First of all, you can customize movie tickets, or create your own movie poster as your wedding invitation.

Secondly, set the scene with silver and black balloons, filmstrips, framed posters of your favorite movie set up along the walls, or few posters advertising films in the entrance of your venue. Give your guests the red carpet treatment by having them walk down a red carpet into your reception venue.

A black-and-white cardboard clapper as a table number display and an award statue for a centerpiece are perfect for a cinema themed wedding.

Finally, you can keep the traditional white bridal dress or choose an original dress with touches of black and\or red which will make you look like a movie star for your cinema themed wedding.

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