A crystal wedding decoration

We are currently working on a very elegant and sophisticated wedding decoration and I would like to show you some examples of our theme. As a matter of fact, our goal is to create a crystal wedding decoration. Indeed, we’re going to use crystal ribbons and accessories for the flower decoration and the table decoration.

Have a look at the pictures and you’ll better understand our crystal wedding decoration. As you can see, we’ll use ribbons for the bridal bouquet and that can be used too for all the bouquets and button holes. Above all, the florist is going to put some crystal accessories as if they were jewels in the flowers themselves. Imagine your wedding bouquet with this crystal wedding decoration. It would be amazing.

We can then use this crystal wedding decoration for the whole table decoration, putting some crystal elements in the vases, on the table clothes or in the trees if you have dinner outside. Our advice is to use the crystal wedding decoration with mainly white flowers. That is really elegant. On the contrary if you choose flashy colors with crystal, you’ll loose this stylish approach.

What do you think of our crystal wedding decoration ?

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