A crystal wedding decoration

Given the fact we’re in winter, I think that a crystal wedding decoration is a perfect idea.

Indeed, it’s sparkling, romantic and very elegant. Here are some ideas I found for you in order to create an amazing crystal wedding decoration. First of all, you should use some white trees to create your decoration. As you can see on pictures, the white trees refer to the winter and the snow, but also to the purity. Above all, if you had some sparkling false diamonds (if you have some true, you can do it too !!).

Then, I would suggest for your crystal wedding decoration, high vases with colorful flowers and everything else in white : white chairs, white tableclothes … The contrast may be very chic.

Otherwise, if you don’t want high vases, you can only set some flowers on the table and use amazing and romantic crystal chandeliers or high crystal candelabras.

That would be perfect in a castle but also suitable under a marquee.

Do you like these ideas for a crystal wedding decoration ?хламидиоза

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  1. I was wondering where you got the place cards I love them. I also would like to know where I could get the candelabras. I need help Im do this on my own.

  2. Hi Linda

    You can ask Swarovski for some of them. In France, they are some companies where you can rent them too.


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