A cute wedding cortege



There is a charming tradition in French weddings where a little number of children takes part of the cortege, for a cute wedding cortege. Usually, a children cortege includes two maids of honour or best men, who enter just before the bride and her father. These two children carry bunch of flowers, or act like wedding ring bearers. The rest of the cortege enters after the bride to help her with the train of her wedding dress, or walk behind her. And the entire cute wedding cortege exits before the newlyweds to throw rose petals or paper hearts when the couple passes the door.

You should not exceed eight kids in your cortege: otherwise your wedding could look like a school playground! For a matter of harmony, try to respect the equity between boys and girls, and above all, to have an even number of children. And if you want to keep the control on your cute wedding cortege, choose preferably children over five.
Of course, your children have to be coordinated with the cortege look. Usually, the boys wear linen tailored shorts and shirts, and girls mild-calf linen dresses, with accessories matching the bride’s colour theme (a big bow around the waste, or in the hair, a little hat…) , but those basic outfits can be declined according to your urge or to the wedding style.

– for an elegant and intimate wedding, you can adopt a casual style:

– for a sophisticated wedding, choose polished clothes, coordinated with the wedding colour

– for an original wedding, give free rein to your imagination and bet on the accessories:


There is in France a lot of labels those are specialized in ceremony outfits for children. Don’t hesitate to take a look in their collection to get ideas to dress the children of your cute wedding cortege!

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