A disco wedding

As often, Madonna starts and others follow. There is no doubt that nowadays, disco is the big new trend in events. This revival is a big opportunity to celebrate a stunning event. So why don’t you do the same with your wedding party ?  Indeed, disco is well known by everybody and brings together several age groups. If you’re looking for a quaint wedding,  a disco wedding is bound to be your best idea to enjoy all of your guests.  

So, how are you going to organise this disco wedding ? First of all, you may choose specific wedding announcements with orange, green, fuschia colors.  Some brown and yellow stripes can also be used. The colors have to be bright. Forget about pastel colors for your disco wedding.

Secondly, you can add some accessories to make your clothes a little bit more disco. You don’t need to wear spangles everywhere but the groom can choose a 70’s shirt ! Instead of the wedding veil, the bride can add a headscarf. Some bride and groom are totally fond of disco and they get married with rollers !

Thirdly, the decoration of the wedding has to be colorful and funny. I suggest to keep the same colors of the wedding announcements and to use them for tableclothes, furniture and centerpiece. For instance, in order to make your disco wedding, you can put bright fushia tableclothes with silver chairs and silver centerpieces. Yellow and orange mix well together : I suggest to add dark brown to keep it stylish. A dark tablecloth with red chairs and a yellow centerpieces are perfect to celebrate a disco wedding.

Don’t overdo ! As I often say to my clients, you must choose not more than 3 colors for your wedding decoration. Disco and the 1970’s is a very funny and complete theme. Be careful with colors and acessories. 

Last but not least, the dance floor has to be a specific 70’s dance floor with changing lights. And above the music is a crucial point for your disco wedding.

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