A fairy wedding decoration

Once upon a time a wedding ! Today, because Christmas is coming in a few days, I want to make you dream with some examples in order to create a fairy wedding decoration. I mean a wedding decor between Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella. How to do ? Just use your imagination and follow your French wedding planner !!

Usually the fairy wedding decoration is closed to a vintage wedding decoration or a circus wedding decoration. The look of the letters are a little bit old fashioned. The most important is to mix the nostalgic approach with a humouristic touch. Do not hesitate to be too eccentric. If you want to create a fairy wedding decoration, you have to be extravagant !! Your French wedding planner can help you by suggesting you ideas but you’ve also to think about your childhood to customise and invent your wedding decor.

No limit is the most important to create a fairy wedding decoration. You have to define an atmosphere and to bring your guests in your own world. Be sure that they will love this fairy wedding decoration. Do you know why ? Because most of your guests have been to many other weddings and they are bored with the very traditional decoration. I mean the white flowers with a little touch of pink or silver. They are so happy when they can see something very different. As a French wedding planner, I can tell you that I clearly see the difference !

Indeed, the guests really appreciate when there is a big effort in the wedding decoration and they will be more participative when they see creativity and fun. Don’t be afraid about some reactions. You’ll have bad remarks even if you do a tradition wedding decoration. So believe your French wedding planner and begin to create your own fairy wedding decoration.

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  1. Whether your favorite fairy tale is « Sleeping Beauty, » « Snow White, » « Cinderella » or « Beauty and the Beast, » there’s one thing that’s a sure thing — a happy ending. When you want your wedding to reflect the splendor and magic of a fairy tale come to life, it’s important to add assorted touches that create the majestic feel of a royal wedding.

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