A French wedding ceremony

Many of our readers ask me questions about the French wedding ceremony. If you want to do a ceremony outside for your wedding, there is no concrete rule to follow. Indeed, French don’t organise ceremonies outside for their wedding. Usually, they go to the church and to the City Hall.  But French bridal couples are more and more keen on doing an outside ceremony in addition to the civil one at the City Hall. They call this kind of ceremony : an American wedding ceremony ! 

So here is an example of a ceremony we planned for an American and Irish couple in the south of France. It’s not a French wedding ceremony but we took advantage of the landscape to customise the event especially for the bride and the groom. It took place in a wonderful garden surronded by olive trees and vineyard. So as you can see, we kept the natural decor.

The bride and the groom selected chairs with a very natural color and we add some flowers to complete the decoration. The ceremony was totally customised because the bride and the groom chose all the songs, the texts and the schedule. It was very romantic, sincere and natural. All the guests really enjoy this time.

So do not hesitate to contact us if you want to do a French wedding ceremony.

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  1. A religous ceremony is totally possible for foreigners in France. But that’s true many of our clients prefer outside ceremonies in France

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