A French wedding gown designer

Everyone knows how important the bride dress is, more than ever, the bride! I reckon that we have met for you the perfect man that going to create the dress of your dream!

The French wedding gown designer, Jeremy Bueno is a Parisian fashion designer. He has Corsican and English origins. He studied at the London College of Fashion. He learnt a lot in London and won the Moda Domani award in 1997. He has the opportunity to work with Thierry Mugler in 1999. Today he presents his own collections in Paris.





When he was 7, he remembers helping his mother to make curtain and then his little sisters were his models and muses. He has a preference for silk material; he gets inspired with different variety of silk: taffeta, satin…. He is also attracted by ribbon which is one of his favourite materials. To make a piece entirely with ribbon is very hard, it is a long process.

Jeremy Bueno draws his inspiration from everywhere: a song, an image, a smell and even from his English and Corsican cultural heritage. To his mind, each piece is unique and especially a wedding bride dress. A wedding dress is like a challenge for the French wedding gown designer. Indeed, to create a dress according the bride wishes’ with the Jeremy Bueno’s style…that is the challenge!

Christian Lacroix and John Galliano are Jeremy Bueno’s favourite designers. According to him, they know perfectly how to evolve in their own style.

His last collection Autumn/Winter 2009 is called “Light”. Jeremy Bueno used the colour gray, blue and amethyst to explore different ways of using the ribbon material. For this collection, he worked with Sonia Steffan, a very professional embroideress and Anne Chedeau who has invented a new concept of sewing jewels.

The French wedding gown designer meets his clients in general from word of mouth, press and from his website but also thanks to his fashion shows.
Jeremy Bueno’s first professional creation was a wedding bride dress. It was a beautiful red dress made with taffeta and ribbon…it was the perfect dress for an astonishing Spanish bride!

According the French wedding gown designer, in order to choose the perfect dress for the awaited day, you should select a dress according your personality. You must pick the dress with the colour that most fit you instead of choosing a colour that you like. White is the traditional colour but nowadays bride dresses are more and more with color! The designer’s advice and recommendations are precious to decide on the style of the dress. Jeremy Bueno gives an objective view about the cutting that will show the bride at her best.

If you would like Jeremy Bueno creates your dress on your big day, click on the following link www.jeremybueno.com

Pictures from Jana Hernette




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