A fun idea for the catering during your wedding in France

In France, there are many catering companies of course but some of them are really creative and I like very much this new idea. I am sure you can use it for your wedding in France. These are colorful and funny lollipops.

This catering company has already created specific apetizers linked with the cinema. They were inspired by Sex & the City and Alice in Wonderland. Now, their inspiration comes directly from Internet ! You can choose your lollipop according to youy mood or your favourite colour. It’s up to you and your guests and I am sure this idea from a catering company can be used for a wedding in France !

So I realized while I am writing this article that I didn’t give you any information about food and beverages for a wedding in France. This is a pity ! Of course they are many things to say about the food for a wedding in France. I’ll be back with new articles about catering soon !    

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