A transparent marquee for an unforgettable wedding

For some different reasons, it’s sometimes better to set up a marquee for a wedding party : if you wish to celebrate your wedding on a specific place like a beach, a castle or a family’s property which are too small to welcome 200 or 300 guests. Tents look like the best solution.

As far as I’m concerned, I have a fondness for transparent marquee. Indeed, transparent marquee, when it is premium, creates a magical and timeless atmosphere. The transparent marquee is made of plastic. The plastic is manually heated to be tight as much as possible. The roof and the walls of the transparent marquee look like perfect windows. Some providers call these tents, « crystal tents » to focus on the transparency. You feel like celebrating your wedding party inside a sun lounge.

Anyway, the best time to use a transparent marquee is when you celebrate your wedding by night, above all if it takes place on the French Riviera !  

Anyway, having a transparent marquee for a wedding party represents an important cost if you want to have it perfect. Obviously, set up tents means trucks, settlers, time.  Make tents transparent means much more time and people as they are heated manually.  Be careful with suppliers ! Ask them new or quite new plastic. Indeed, they are 3 kind of transparent marquees. The first one is the premium : it is made of new plastic and heated manually. The second kind of transparent marquee is good quality beacause the plastic is still new but it’s not heated. The result for your wedding party is still nice but a little bit less magical. The third class is tents with plastic that has been used several times before your event. So, if you plan to celebrate a wedding on the French Riviera, it would be sad to rent a dirty tent.  In fact, transparent plastic is weak and the more you use it the less beautiful it is. 

Last but not least, I advice my clients against renting a transparent marquee for a wedding in summer on the French Riviera. The weather is so nice and temperature are so hot that being under the transparent marquee during the day is unbearable. Even if you plan to celebrate your wedding on the French Riviera by night, be aware that providers would work during the day under your transparent marquee. That could be very difficult for them and you can forget about flowers : they won’t resist !

I do recommend to rent transparent marquees when you celebrate a wedding on the French Riviera by spring or by autumn. To be honest, some of my clients enjoyed parties under transparent marquees in winter on the French Riviera. I just add some heaters ans the magic is here. If you want to see more pictures about transparent marquees, please send me a comment.   

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  1. I’m a coordinator here in the US and I am not familiar with Marquees any other pointers and pictures. I have a bride that wants a garden ceremony in Jan which could be 16 – 32 degrees or snowing. How would the marquee look in a garden?

  2. Hi Reese

    A marquee can look very nice in a garden if you make a lot of decoration. I mean a marquee is made with aluminium and white plastic. You have 2 options. First, you can advice a transparent marquee which is really stunning. The transparent plastic has to be very clean but the effect is wonderful. Especially if it’s raining or snowing, guest will feel to live an exciting moment. The cost for such a marquee is anyway quite expensive (in France for example). On the other hand, you can choose a white marquee. You should decorate with colorful fabric all the posts of the marquee. It’s important to hide the aluminium posts. Be aware of the floor. You must have a floor to protect guests in case of rain.

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  4. This looks amazing, I love the fairy lights and the fact you can see the nights sky! Iv gone for marquee hire for my reception, and will definatly be decorating with fairy lights!

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