A very white winter wedding decoration

More and more people are considering winter as a good season to organise a wedding. Indeed, venues are less expensive and guests are happy to come to this original wedding. That’s the reason why today, we focus a little on a very white winter wedding decoration !

Indeed, when I ask my clients what kind of colors or them they wish to have, 90% answer : white !! So when it’s about a winter wedding, white is certainely the favourite color. As far as I am concerned, I usually suggest other colors than white for summer wedding. But for a winter wedding I’ll go for white of course !

I really believe that a very white winter wedding decoration gives light to the wedding party even if  it’s cloudy outside ! More over, if your wedding takes place on the moutains, the white color is perfect for the decoration.

However, if you select a very white winter wedding decoration, you have to keep in mind, that you’ll have to mix with another color : light green beacause of the flowers first but you can add a very light pink or some sliver. On the whole, the other colors must be very pale. You can also play with materials to create a very smooth atmosphere. Do not hesitate to ask us advices for a very white winter wedding decoration !

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