A vintage wedding in Provence

Last weekend, we organized a vintage wedding in Provence. The venue was absolutely stunning: a beautiful castle with a terrace over viewing the sea, and a lovely garden. For this vintage wedding, most of the decoration was made of liberty. The table decoration was full of details: first of all, we winded ribbons of liberty around the napkins and we placed 5 candle-pots winded with liberty on each table. For the centerpiece, we used table-mats and flowers placed in jars and pots.

Each table number was written on a vintage label attached to an ancient key. Finally, each guest had a tiny jam pot recovered by liberty, and a spa towel with the initials of the married couple on his chair. The towels existed in various colours that we mixed around the table to bring a colorful touch to this wedding in Provence. The final touch was brought by beautiful chandeliers fixed to the trees!

The names of the guests and their table numbers were written on vintage labels attached on an old shutter.

Next to the shutter, the couple had fixed pictures of their parents and grandparents wedding on old frames which were fixed to each other by ribbons of liberty. This family tree looked great and had a lot of success.

Finally, we created a photo booth for this wedding. The bride and groom had found a very old and vintage armchair that we placed under a tree in the cocktail area. We placed the mustaches, lips, bow-ties and glasses that we had previously made in jars and pots next to the armchair. For more fun, we also left slates and asked the guests to write messages to the newlyweds before the picture! Each picture was then glued in the wedding guest book that we had placed next to the photo booth.

The day after, we organized a brunch on the beach. We arranged tables and chairs on the beach, decorated with flowers and liberty candle pots.

Events & Home was very happy to organize this vintage wedding in Provence.

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    1. Hi

      Can you please send me information about this venue, i love it. I am after a very similar layout.

      Kind regards

  1. Dear Claire,

    This place looks absolutely stunning. Could you please send me more information – venue location, capacity, costs etc.
    My fiance is from Perpignan so we’re looking for venues around the area/not too far away.
    We have 120 guests.

    Many thanks,

    1. Dear Sheila

      Thanks for this message
      This venue is not very closed from Perpignan. It is closed to St Tropez indeed
      But I think we can suggest you some venues closed to Perpignan


  2. Hi, please can you contact me regarding helping me and my fiancé organise a wedding – a Parisian, vintage themed.

  3. Hello,

    Please can you contact me to help myself and my fiancé organise a rustic wedding in the south or southwest of France?

    Thank you,

    Carlie and Jordan

  4. Hi,

    I am also trying to organise a wedding in South of France, in Cassis/Provence and finding it difficult to find a venue for 150-200 guests, please could you provide details for this venue or any other similar venues you may know in the area?

    Thank you!

  5. Dear Claire.
    Could you provide me more information about this venue, I am very interested. How far from Nice is located, also the costs, we are planning to have our civil wedding for about 50 guests, I would really appreciate the information.
    Thank you very much.

  6. Hi! I’d love to know more about this venue please. Could you please send me some information in terms of costs, packages and location. Looking at around 70 guests. Summer of 2013 or 2014.

    Thanks heaps.

  7. Please send me details on this it is almost exactly what I want 🙂 for 40 people small and imitate 🙂 thanks!!!!!!

  8. Hi Claire,

    This is an ideal venue for my wedding june/july 2013, please could you send me the venue details



  9. Hi Claire
    This venue is beautiful! Please could you send me details of it. I’m looking to get married September 2013 for around 120 guests. Thank you Hayley

  10. Hi Claire
    I totally agree The venue is beautiful! Please could you send me details of it. 🙂


    My wedding isn’t until 2013

  11. Hi Claire

    Please send me info on this venue ASAP. I am in provence for 1 more day and would love to visit the venue.


  12. Amazing overcome! I must beginner simultaneously as you modify your internet site, exactly how may possibly my partner and i sign up for your blog site internet site? The actual accounts helped us a adequate cope. I was a bit common of the a person’s transmitted provided brilliant see-through idea

  13. Dear Claire,

    Another amazing venue!

    Could you also please send me all the details for this one as well as any availabilities for 2016 ?

    Many thanks !

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