A wedding decoration in a farm

I know that you often wrote about sophisticated and elegant venues or decoration, but today I wish to show you some pictures of wedding decoration in a farm. Indeed I found this idea, if you have a farm, really fun and original. As a matter of fact this theme for your wedding lets you create a very customised and beautiful decoration.

For instance I really like the straw for the wedding ceremony. As you can see, this is a very cheap and funny idea which is perfect for a wedding decoration in a farm. If you want something more confortable, you can add some cushions of course. I also love the wood panel with painted letters to give information to the guests. This kind of decoration is unposed. It is not too formal !

For your wedding decoration in a farm, I recommend to use all the local flowers. Sunflowers are more than welcome and above all do not hesitate to do less sophisticated bouquets. The farm spirit is spontaneous and natural !

Let us know what you think about this wedding decoration in a farm.

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