A wedding film in 3D for Prince Albert II of Monaco

I’ve just heard this information and I would like to share it with you. As you may know Prince Albert II of Monaco will marry Charlene next year. This is a huge event for Monaco and Prince Albert wants to prove that he is a very modern prince. Indeed his wedding film will be done in 3 dimensions. Like Avatar, you’ll be able to see Charlene and her husband in 3 dimensions in you living room !  The wedding event will take place in the courtyard of the Palace in order that all the  « monegasque » can see their Prince.

But for those who can’t come to see this princely wedding, you’ll be able to enjoy an amazing wedding film thanks to Jerôme Revon. This man is used to work for worldwide events as he was in charge of the direct broadcast for many Olympic Games. There is no doubt that the wedding of Prince Albert will be watched by many people all over the world. Just to give you an idea, the wedding of his father Prince Rainer has been watched by 30 millions persons in 1956.  This wedding film will be the first one using those technologies !


More than 30 movies cameras will be useful to realize this wedding film. On the whole the wedidng of Prince Albert is very different from  what everybody has expected. First Prince Albert decided to do the wedding ceremony in the courtyard of the Palace instead of the cathedral like his parents did. Secondly, he asked this wedding film in 3 dimensions and last but not least all the money received from the TV shows will be given to Prince Albert’s foundation ! Besides, the wedding film will  be livened up by some additional coverage. As a matter of fact Jerôme Revon is going to film Prince Albert and Charlene from now until the wedding in order to give more information to the TV viewers.

Unfortunately on July 2nd, all our team will work on another wedidng for one of our clients. We won’t be able to see this wedding film ! What about you ?  

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