A wedding for an happy new year 2012 !

First of all, we want to wish you to all our readers and our bridal couples a very happy new year 2012 ! We really want to thank you for your trust, your support and your interest. Secondly, I want to suggest you the idea to organise your wedding during new year’s eve ! Belive your French wedding planner, it can be a good opportunity to organise a memorable wedding !!

A wedding for an happy new year, why not ? Oftenly, we are wondering ourselves what we can do for this specific event. I am sure you have some bad memories about not very good parties for new year’s eve. However, we all want to do something for this specific day and we want to dance ! This is perfect for a wedding !! That’s why, your French wedding planner recommend you to organise your wedding on December 31st.

Consequently, your friends and family will be able to wish you an happy new year and the very best for your wedding ! This is the best opportunity to begin the new year with the most important persons around you. Besides, the decoration theme is easy to find. You can have a lot of fun creating an happy new year wedding decoration. If you’re interested for next year, contact your French wedding planner 🙂

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