African wedding inspiration from Weday’s

Among our network of wedding planners, we have already introduced WEDAYS, our wedding expert in the southwest of France. Today, she wants to share with you an inspiration shooting she did with other vendors, which names are below. Their wedding theme was Africa and I have to say that it is pretty cool! Have a look at these pictures and start your trip in Africa with us.

latelier_de_ludivineb_023- Ipad et 10x15 latelier_de_ludivineb_021- Ipad et 10x15As far as I am concerned, I first want to congratulate all this incredible theme for the venue they select. The presence of the giraffe creates quickly this African atmosphere. In addition, they have taken into account any single details to make this shooting really inspiring. From the existing wooden floor to the white fabric, all the decor they set up is magical.

latelier_de_ludivineb_012- Ipad et 10x15 latelier_de_ludivineb_067- Ipad et 10x15 latelier_de_ludivineb_054- Ipad et 10x15I particulary like the flowers from this African wedding shooting. They are colorful and original. I draw brides’ attention to the fact that they do not know all the flowers and they are used to stick to common flowers. Do not hesitate to ask your florist to advise you in terms of seasonable flowers. Forget roses, peonies and discover other kind of flowers.

latelier_de_ludivineb_068- Ipad et 10x15 latelier_de_ludivineb_081- Ipad et 10x15 latelier_de_ludivineb_080- Ipad et 10x15I also appreciate the selection of items for the tables decoration. To be honest, this African wedding decor is a good mix between vintage decor and birch wedding theme. But it feels more real, less trendy and original. I really like the vintage atmosphere but I believe that now, too many brides are doing the same vintage decoration at their weddings. Obviously, they saw more or less the same elements on all the wedding blogs! That’s why this African wedding shooting is a great idea. It opens our minds!

latelier_de_ludivineb_062- Ipad et 10x15 latelier_de_ludivineb_082- Ipad et 10x15 latelier_de_ludivineb_091- Ipad et 10x15 latelier_de_ludivineb_097- Ipad et 10x15My favourite pictures are below. How impressive this white lion is! The pictures are just unbelievable. You’re in Africa, now, for sure! As you may imagine, Wedays and her team didn’t go in Africa to make this wedding inspiration shooting (even if I am sure they would have be happy), but the shooting took place in the zoo of Pessac, a charming town near Bordeaux. That is why, you can notice some wine bottles and wooden box from Saint Emilion.

latelier_de_ludivineb_084- Ipad et 10x15 latelier_de_ludivineb_085- Ipad et 10x15 latelier_de_ludivineb_086- Ipad et 10x15 latelier_de_ludivineb_089- Ipad et 10x15

To finish, let me introduce you this talented creative team:

Wedding Planner: WEDAYS

Photographer: Ludivine B

Decoration: Elisabeth Delsol

Make-up: Johan Yvon

Hairdresser: AnthonyB

Accessories: Les Petites Echarpes

Wedding Dress: Stéphanie Wolff

Wines: Chateau Chabrier & Chateau Croque Michotte

Jewels : Atelier du Serti




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