Alice in Wonderland wedding decoration

This wedding decoration theme can be a little bit too crazy for some bridal couples but on the contrary I am sure that some of you will be inspired by Alice in wonderland. Of course, all the pictures below are totally in the spirit of the tea time in Alice in wonderland. But for your wedding decoration, you can take everything or just some accessorize to give a glimpse to the fairy tale !

The basic elements to create a wedding decoration with Alice in wonderland theme are : the rabbit, the time clock and the little notes like « eat me », « drink me ». All your guests will immediately think about Alice in Wonderland when they discover them ! If you wish to do a vintage wedding but you want to do something very different from other brides, this wedding decoration can give you ideas. Indeed the 2 wedding theme are very closed. Alice in Wonderland offers more fantasy to your wedding decoration !

If you are seduced by Alice in Wonderland for your wedding decoration, I would recommend you to be inspired with the famous tea time reception in the fairy tale. Try to find specific crockery. You can just set up a table during the aperitive with this wedding decoration, if you don’t want to be too much in Alice in Wonderland spirit ! In any case, your wedding is a wonderful moment, so do not hesitate to make the wedding decoration memorable too !

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