An autumn wedding decoration

This is the end of the summer and we are usually not in a good mood. For those who plan a wedding on September or October, I am going to give you some ideas for your autumn wedding decoration. I am sure you’ll be in a better shape just after ! Indeed, autumn is a beautiful season, especially when it doesn’t rain ! The colors of the trees, the specific autumn light are perfect for a very romantic wedding.

For a autumn wedding decoration, you can choose very beautiful and subtle colors such as deep red and orange, terracota pink, light gold …and you can also play with some accessories like pumpkins or leaves.

I saw a wedding invitation with a nice title « Falling in love ». As you can see an autumn wedding decoration can be very romantic. But you can also create a much more design spirit with purple and orange colors ans shapes. The most important is to spread the same idea from the wedding invitation until the wedding bouquet   


Warm chocolate can be used if you don’t feel at ease with purple for instance. We would be pleased to give you some advices if you plan to get married soon. So do not hesitate to ask us question about autumn wedding decoration !

лечение кишечной палочки в моче

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