An idea for your wedding decoration : use fans

This is a simple and elegant idea for your wedding decoration ! Use fans as a theme or just as one element of the decoration. For instance, if the wedding ceremony is outside by summer, fans can be more than useful. Put them on the chairs and the wedding decoration is done ! Great idea, don’t you think.

You can choose among a wide range of fans to customise your wedding decoration. An idea can be to use wicker fans. Their shape and look are different from the traditional hand-held fans. They can be set up on the tables for the dinner with the name of each guest inside. The wicker fan is still elegant but I would recommend them if you have other items with wicker or if your wedding decoration is country styled.

You should also use colorful fans for your wedding decorationYou can coordinate the color of the fan with your wedding theme.

Besides, use fan as a present for your guests…for women of course !  Then you have to find another idea for men !   

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