Apple wedding : use fruits for your decoration

I am currently working on a wedding which is going to take place in the north west of France. The groom came from a area called « Calvados » in France and this place is well known for apples. So we decide with the bride to create an apple wedding decoration. As a matter of fact, we are going to use apples for the ceremony only. We’ll play on the bright green of the apples and the immaculate white color of the chairs. Given the fact that the wedding ceremony will take place in gardens, the decoration will be perfect !   

With an apple wedding decoration there are two main advantages. The first one is that this kind of decoration will surprise your guests especially if there is a link between the bridal couple and the fruits or between the venue and the wedding. For instance, you can use orange in Florida or grapes in some parts of France (linked with vineyards)  

On the second hand apple wedding is a good opportunity to save money ! Apples are less expensive than flowers. If you think about apples for your wedding decoration, you can just add some small flowers. One of the best color to mix with apple is purple but you can use many others ! So what do you think about an apple wedding ?

вегето сосудистая дистония лечение

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