At a wedding reception, make your guests laugh

There are so many cliché about the wedding reception that sometimes the bride and the groom forget to be spontaneous. For the decoration they choose white tablecloth, white and pink flowers, and add a few hearts on the wall. A wedding reception must be romantic !! 


I think a wedding reception can be romantic and funny. It’s a party ! A wedding reception is a very personal event. You should take the opportunity to create a specific event : this is the best time to express yourselves and to enjoy ! So,why don’t add some funny elements in your wedding decoration. Your guests will certainely appreciate and feel more spontaneous too.оформить кредитную карту с льготным периодомкредитка приватбанка условия погашенияооо деньги до зарплаты бресттрекинг на килиманджаро мачаме отзывыоптимизация и продвижение сайта

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  1. I agree! My fiancée and I are trying to come up with some funny things to do during our reception. We won’t be having music and dancing so we need something fun to make it memorable! We’re going to have an exploding bouquet at the bouquet toss. And my brothers girlfriend is going to show up to the bouquet toss with a huge fishing net! We’re looking for more ideas!

  2. Hi Amy, that sounds great. You can also find some presents for your guests. For instance, make some funny picture of you two in some places you like and offer them to your guests.

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