Balinese inspirations for your wedding

Sometimes, you can’t go abroad to organise your wedding, but you can use your wedding decoration to travel ! That’s the reason why today, I give you some tips to create a balinese wedding wherever you are ! For sure, those balinese inspirations for your wedidng will inspire you and convince you to do a very different wedding. 

First of all, use Balinese umbrellas for your wedding. You can choose them with bright colors (pink, green) or white ! They are perfect for the ceremony decoration and for the pictures. You can fnd them in most decoration shops. The bigger they are, the better it is !


Secondly, you can select exotic flowers. This is the best way to travel for your wedding !  Use them for the centerpiece and for the wedding bouquet. Regarding the colors, I would recommend to define 3 main colors : yellow, pink and green like this amazing Balinese bouquet for wedding ! Indeed if you wish to create a Balinese atmosphere for your wedding, you have to dare bright colors, not too flashy but believe me your guests will appreciate this Balinese decoration for your wedding.

Forget about the traditionnal white color and imagine your ideal Balinese wedding !   

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