Bamboo tent for wedding

I know that many bridal couples wish to have their wedding diner outside, but they’re afraid of the weather. That’s why, when they visit venues, they have to take into account a back up plan ! Sometimes, bridal couples really want to get married outside and they prefer to invest in a tent for their wedding. But generally traditionnal plastic tents are quite expensive and not very pretty. Indeed, it’s necessary to add a lot of decoration to make it romantic !

On the contrary, I would like to draw your attention to this new supplier, I found recently. Look at this bamboo tent, which is perfect for a wedding. The design of this marquee is very nice, especially because inside the roof is quite high. So you don’t feel to be in a box !

Secondly, the bamboo posts of this tent are beautiful and you can hang ceiling lights on top of them. Globally, we don’t need to add a lot of decoration for your wedding diner. This supplier provides bamboo tents in the south of France. So do not hesitate to contact us to have more information about wedding tents.

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  1. Hello,

    Would you please supply me with details about the supplier of these beautiful bamboo tents. I am thinking of getting married in the south of France and am looking for something very similar.
    Many thanks

    1. Dear Sarah

      I will be happy to give you more details, let me know where your wedding takes places and when
      I also need to know how many guests you’ll have (to define the surface of the tent)



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