Bars, bars, again and again bars !

You are bored by the usual animations that you find in wedding parties : candy bar, cocktail bar, juices bar and champagne bar ? You want to surprise your guests but you are out of inspiration?

No worries, we have selected some original ideas to bluff your guests and add some fun to your lovely wedding.

In drinks bar category, here are three ideas to animate your party :

1. The mojito bar : Because who doesn’t like Mojitos? It will give a fresh atmosphere to your wedding with holidays tunes.

Mojito bar

2.The water bar : The softer and probably the most trendy. You can be surprised but the water has a taste, a flavor  and even a texture, so let you take by the game and try different waters.

3.The tea bar: For a nice wedding in winter or to represent the perfect british wedding or even to warm a cold night in the garden.

Now, let’s see the food category with three other ideas to add a small sweet touch to your wedding.

1.The waffle bar : accompanied  by toppers, jams, syrups, chocolate spreads, chantilly or fruits

2.The Popcorn bar : To give a movie atmosphere to your wedding because today you are the only stars.

3.The Ice cream bar : To go back to childhood with your guests. As for Waffle bar, add several toppings to personalize your ice cream.


To finish, to personalize your bar, don’t hesitate to customize pop corn boxes, cones ice cream, jam jars etc  at the effigy of the weds.

If you have more original ideas, don’t hesitate to share them with us.

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