Bastille day wedding theme

I was looking for a fun wedding theme. Given the fact that most of my clients are foreigners, they often ask me to add a few touch of French spirit in their wedding decoration. That’s why, if next year you plan to get married on July 14th in France, you can think about a bastille day wedding theme !

I don’t recomment you to use the French flag or even the French flag colors for your wedding theme, but you can add a few words in French like « Je t’aime » in the printed documents you use for the decoration. The Eiffel tower is also a nice reference to France and Paris : why don’t use it for the wedding cake ?

Bastille day cannot be the full wedding theme ! But next year, if you decide to get married in France, Bastille day will be on Monday. Usually all the fireworks are done the day before. Think about it if you want to offer fireworks to your guests for free 🙂

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