Black and pink decoration for your wedding in France !

I am still working on decoration in order to show to my readers that it’s possible to create amazing and original decoration for your wedding in France. That why, I suggest you to have a look at some examples of a black and pink decoration for a wedding.

According to me, I think using black and pink is a very good idea for a wedding decoration, especially if you’re lloking for a romantic but modern spirit for your wedding in France. Black is a very elegant color and it gives contrast with the lightness of the pink color. The result is perfect as you can see.

You can use easily the 2 colors for every item of your decoration, even for the dresses of the bridemaids !

There is no doubt that if you choose a black and pink decoration, you’ll surprise your guests and they’ll never forget your wedding in France !


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  1. Magnifique!!! My daughter is using Pink & Black and her wedding is in the evening. It is going to be so very beautiful. Thanks for your added inspiration.

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