Black wedding dresses and black wedding cakes

In everybody’s mind, black is forbidden for a wedding. For many reasons, black is associated with death, sadness or evil. Anyway, others are gritty or scandalous when they plan their wedding. Some brides are in the mood of black wedding dresses. Personnaly, I’ve never organised a wedding on the French Riviera like this but I admit that some black wedding dresses are dashing !

Regarding black wedding cakes, my opinion is in favor of black wedding cakes. Sometimes brides are besotted with white. Some of my clients want to put white everywhere for their weddings on the French Riviera. Black wedding cakes often look better than traditionnal white wedding cake. More over, most of the guests love chocolate !

To conclude, I would say that black can be used for a wedding if you manage to mix it with another color such as white, pink or purple. What about you, would you dare black wedding dresses ?

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  1. My daughter wants a black cake (fondant). Can fondant be made black? Would it taste OK? I was told that black tastes bitter, but I don’t know if it would as fondant.

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