Chairs for weddings

Obviously, you can choose to celebrate your wedding on the French Riviera white classical chairs. It looks nice. But if you’re looking to something more than just « look nice », here are some ideas to help you. Chairs for weddings is a crucial point in the wedding decoration. I mean, when you have few guests, any detail is important. When you welcome many guests, chairs will be numerous. Therefore, the more numerous guests there are, the stronger the visual impact is.

Before renting many chairs, my first advice is to take the white chairs you have and to add some decoration. For instance, during an outside wedding ceremony, you should add some flowers on every line of chairs. It’s not that expensive and the result is clearly amasing and romantic. On these pictures, you can notice that flowers are perfect to celebrate  a wedding on the French Riviera !

Secondly, fabric covers for chairs are also handy. You can choose color and mixed some of them. Here are some examples concerning chairs for weddings.

Sometimes, fabric covers are too expensive. My third advice is to choose some tulle and to put it on chairs. The visual impact is really beautiful, if it’s done well.    


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