Chinese wedding spirit for your decoration

Did you know that red is the color for wedding in Asia and especially in China ? That’s the reason why, today, we’ll give you some red ideas for your Chinese wedding decoration ! Event if more and more Chinese brides wear a white dress for their wedding, the traditional color is red. Nowadays, it’s used to have 3 different wedding growns : one is white to look like European people, other one is red for the family and last but not least, there is a specific dress for dancing and enjoying the party !

Here are some pictures to help you if you wish a Chinese wedding decoration !

Red lantern is one of the must have for your Chinese wedding decoration ! As you can see with pictures, the lanterns can give a very elegant atmosphere for the diner and a much more modern design with dark light for the dancing part. That’s true, you can decide to do a Chinese wedding decoration and be modern !  Red umbrellas can be used too and I suggest white or gold for the second color. Red roses are more than welcome for your Chinese wedding decoration of course !   

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