Create your own wedding : a medieval wedding, to travel in the past

Everything in white, for a wedding, seems to be a little bit old fashioned for many people.
You can create a wedding that you and each of your guests will remember all life !
Why not choosing some themes for your original wedding ? For example, some people choose a particular colour, a music style, a particular film or comic…
And we have choosen, to give you some ideas, an era : a medieval wedding.

Many people are attached to the past and some old cultures which have desappeared.
The Medieval wedding is going to transport you 5 centuries ago…

If you want to be totally bathed in the medieval past, you have to take care about your wedding dress and suit, costumes of your guests, the place, the menu, the decoration… of course, every wedding needs this type of care, but particularly when you have a theme.

First, let’s talk about dresses and suits.
For your medieval wedding, the clothes must be in the spirit of this era : long dress with shades of creamy white, cardinal red, king blue and a bit of black. The same for men, of course.

Concerning the place, the best would be to celebrate your medieval wedding in a castle, an old castle or maybe a old house built with old stones.
To feel more in the medieval era : embellish your arrival with trumpets, and during all the wedding, some minstrels will play you beautiful and poetic music.
Jugglers, wizards, falconers and archeries should be a good animation too !

The dinner needs to reflect medieval meals with menus on parchments.
Ducks, boars, poultry accompanied of roots, potatoes or many others vegetables… Of course, you can choose your own dishes, it doesn’t need to be essentially old dishes.
Don’t forget wine, beer and other strong alcohols !

Thus, to make a successful medieval wedding, the ambiance as the clothes and decoration have to evoke this beautiful era.
You’re going to live a fabulous moment and medieval wedding to feel in a fairy world during some hours…

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  1. there is a red/silver medevil wedding gown on your web page.
    this is the dress of my dreams we are getting married in fall 2015. where can i find this dress?

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