Do you fancy a winter wedding ?

What don’t you consider a winter wedding for once ? Indeed, most of my clients want to get marreid during summer, because of the nice weather and also believing that this is easier for the guests. That’s true, but there are also some advantages to get married during winter !

The first good point with a winter wedding is about price. The venues, the hotels and the transport are less expensive than in summer, except if you get married in French famous skiing stations like Courchevel  or Megève. But for instance, you can select the south of the French Alps. The airport is in Nice (which is an international airport). Then you can decide to celebrate your winter wedding closed to the sea. Believe me that in December, January and February, the weather is really nice.

Or you can go to the Alps : the first skiing stations are located at 45 min driving distance from Nice. This is perfect for a winter wedding. The second advantage is the decoration and the atmosphere that you can create for your wedding. I mean if you’re looking for a very original and romantic party, winter wedding are ideal to do so.

Indeed, you can enjoy the white color of the snow, which is very romantic and define a very specific decoration with the snow theme. All this white is absolutely magic for a winter wedding. More over if you choose a venue with a cheminey, that’s so romantic ! Your guests will really appreciate to enjoy a winter wedding. It’s very different from a wedding in summer. Usually, your guests can have 2 or 3 (or sometimes more) weddings during the summer. On the contrary, they would have only one winter wedding. I am sure they are not going to forget it !  


So if you need help to plan a winter wedding, do not hesitate to contact us. We have plenty of ideas to customise a winter wedding just for you !

кишечная инфекция симптомы у взрослых

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  1. I love these pictures. Im getting married in Feb and I still cannot find a jacket. Do you know where I can find a jacket like the one above…its beautiful!!!!!!!!!

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